One-on-One with Justin Schell on Being Under-Gospeled and Finding God as He Is

“We must learn to enjoy Christ, to see the clear sunbeams of the heart of God the Father, shining on us.”

Ed: How long have you been involved in Lausanne International, and what is your current role?

Justin: I have been serving as director of executive projects for the past five years. Our CEO, Michael Oh, recruited me when he was preparing to take on leadership of the Movement.

Ed: Tell me about your current roll and what you do.

Justin: I help design and launch new initiatives within the movement. In that process, we determine what the end goal is and how to get there. We wrestle over: who else needs to be at the table with us? Who needs to speak into this initiative? With whom should we partner?

Typically, it also means building a team or recruiting a long-term director for the initiative, and seeing it through to launch. Every project is different, which makes it both fun and frustrating. I've gotten to help launch recent initiatives like Lausanne Global Classroom, Younger Leaders Generation and initiatives within that, and am now working on an initiative to see affordable, robust theological education made available to anyone, anywhere. Pray for me and for Lausanne.

Ed: Tell me about the gospel and the church in your part of the world.

Justin: After serving on the mission field, I am now in Tulsa, OK. Tulsa is in need of reformation. The leadership of my church here often says that, as a city, it is "over-churched, but under-gospeled."

Being in the Bible Belt, it’s common to see men and women looking for salvation in all sorts of places – usually drastic departures from the living, good, triune God and the faith we find in Scripture.

Some confuse Christianity with being American – a cultural Christianity. So, you get a politicized, ethnocentric faith. Others have been taught that Jesus wants to make …

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