Getting Married? Some Resources and Humor to Get You Started Right

Here are 7 helpful pre-marital resources provided by my audience on Twitter.

I haven’t officiated a wedding in over a decade—no, scratch that, maybe more. But I’ve just committed to performing one.

Look out, newlyweds!

So, needless to say, I found myself needing some updated pre-marital counseling resources. I took to Twitter hoping to gather insight and found some of the responses rather… comical!

Some of the suggestions included:

  1. Make them listen to one another eat a bowl of cereal…if they can do it, they’ll be fine.
  2. Please talk about thermostat temps. Our premarital counseling completely skipped this crucial issue!
  3. Have couples try assembling a piece of IKEA furniture together.
  4. Make them watch each other load a dishwasher.
  5. Have couples define when they consider a tube of toothpaste to be empty.
  6. Find out if one of the pair is a “snooze button” person.
  7. Send the couple canoeing.
  8. Have them butcher chickens together.
  9. Make the couple take a road trip together with a cellphone-jammer in the car.
  10. Have them figure out which way the toilet paper goes on the reel.

Silly though they may be, I think these responses actually provide us with some important insight. When couples are preparing for marriage, it’s easy to assume that only the big stuff really matters. It’s a given that a couple’s faith convictions, big picture life goals, and expectations for raising a family should line up but other factors are often seen as non-essential.

I think we can all agree that how a person assembles furniture or loads a dishwasher is hardly ‘essential’ to a good marriage. But what we see here is that the little stuff—seemingly insignificant lifestyle choices and daily decisions—are also important to the foundation of a healthy partnership.

That’s …

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