The secrets to living longer than 90: coffee, alcohol, and activity. (Plus a little extra weight wouldn’t hurt.)

What is the secret to a robust and long life?

Think food, drink, genetics and lifestyle.

With food and drink, it’s all about moderation. In a study of 1,600 people older than 90, researchers found people who drank moderate amounts of alcohol or caffeinated drinks lived longer than those who abstained.

With both, the amount consumed made a difference, said Dr. Claudia Kawas, co-principal investigator of the 90+Study, one of the largest studies in the world of people who have lived past 90. The sweet spot for caffeine is between 200-400 milligrams a day, or about two cups of coffee.

Estelle Plous of Boca Raton certainly finds Kawas’ findings to be true. At 94, she drinks caffeinated tea every morning — but never more than two cups, she says. For a few decades, the former stock broker said she also had a shot of Crown Royal each day. Now, she tries to eat at least two healthy meals a day and participate in activities in her assisted living community. “I don’t feel my age. I just want to keep going and doing,” she said.

As far as food goes, Kawas said a well-balanced diet with a lot of variety and an emphasis on fruits and vegetables contributes to longevity — although she explains that there is not any specific, single dietary factor that is ultimately protective when it comes to brain health, or aging.

“We have spent many years looking into aging, mostly to understand how to age well,” Kawas said.