Hollywood may have a fix for its craziest intersection. But it will cost $20 million and take six years.

Insane. Crazy. Outrageous.

That’s how skeptics are describing a gutsy plan to ease congestion along frenetic Young Circle, where Federal Highway merges with Hollywood Boulevard in one of the most car-clogged gateways to Hollywood.

The novel concept, first pitched by consultant Ian Lockwood two years ago, would make Hollywood the only city in the world with a giant two-way traffic circle. Experts say the redesign, if it gets approved, would actually reduce accidents in fender-bender prone Young Circle.

The proposal — which would take six years and cost up to $20 million — would replace the circle’s seven stoplights with five roundabouts.

The redesign would make getting to the ArtsPark in the center of Young Circle easier for both people on foot and on bikes, Lockwood says.

“Roundabouts are a whole lot more pedestrian friendly than traffic lights,” Lockwood said. “They’re more conducive to walking and cycling.”

The traffic circle would have 15 safe spots for pedestrians to cross.

“The driver would yield to the pedestrian or the pedestrian would wait for a gap and then cross,” Lockwood said.

The roundabouts would do their job, forcing drivers to slow down, he added.

“Travel time for motorists is literally cut in half [with the new design],” he said, “but with slow and steady speeds as opposed to speeding up and stopping.”

Resident Ann Ralston questioned the plan, especially considering South Florida’s well-earned reputation for erratic drivers.

“That is a disaster waiting to happen,” she said of the redesign. “Can you imagine having the big circle with five little circles inside it? Nobody knows how to drive it now. He said there would be crosswalks and people would just stop. I don’t think so. This is South Florida.”

Longtime Barry Faske likes the idea. He’s just not sure how it will work.

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