Why did Nova Southeastern University lay off 101 people? Officials cite falling enrollment

Nova Southeastern University, one of Broward County’s biggest employers, is not immune to layoffs.

But a university official says the 101 people laid off on Friday were good employees who lost their jobs due to something beyond their control: Declining enrollment.

Many did not see it coming and were stunned by the news.

Most were administrative staffers and middle managers at the private university. None were represented by a union.

“These were in many cases friends, people we have known for years,” university spokesman Brandon L. Hensler said Sunday. “It was a business decision, not a personal decision. And it was something we had to do to make sure we are sustainable moving forward. This community relies on us to be here today and tomorrow. And this will make sure we are.”

The university, with a sprawling campus in the heart of Davie, now has 22,000 students.

That’s a far cry from 2011, when it boasted a robust student population of 29,000.

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