Women hauling shopping carts loaded with stolen goods confronted by determined security worker

Some thieves have become a nuisance at a Target store in Miramar — surging past a security guard in one theft and then brazenly returning to the store weeks later for a second take.

In the first crime inside the store at 16901 Miramar Parkway on Jan. 29, a loss prevention supervisor noticed something fishy shortly after 9 p.m.: two women in the electronics department were loading camera equipment into two shopping carts and appeared to be making a beeline for the exit — without paying.

Surveillance video released by Miramar police Monday shows the security worker darting to the store’s exit in an attempt to thwart the shoplifters. As he grabs and overturns the loaded red plastic shopping cart being pushed out of the store by one woman, another woman with a similarly loaded shopping cart rushes past him.

The two women were seen getting into a black sedan, possible a Volkswagen, said Tania Rues, spokeswoman for Miramar police.

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