South Florida beach town getting emergency sand infusion

Sand-starved Dania Beach is getting an emergency infusion of that gritty stuff that gets washed away every year.

Sand by the truckload is being brought in and deposited on the northern half of the beach near the pier.

Crews began the work Monday and are trying to meet a Friday deadline.

The work of placing 120 truckloads of sand on the beach has to be done during low tides. That’s because at high tide, the beach gets so narrow there’s no room for the trucks, Commissioner Bill Harris said.

But all the commotion on the beach doesn’t seem to be keeping people away, Hector said.

“It’s almost entertaining,” she said. “I almost want to see what that big Tonka truck is gonna do.”

Pembroke Pines resident Joni Dennebaum and her friend Shaye Soto, of Plantation, took the bulldozers in stride.

“It’s still quieter than Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood,” Soto said while lounging on a beach towel north of the pier.

“You get to hear the waves,” added Dennebaum.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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