Prosecutors won’t file any charges against teen was bashed by deputies

Broward prosecutors won’t file any charges against the 15-year-old student whose head was slammed against the pavement in a forceful off-campus arrest. A cellphone video of the teen’s arrest sparked outrage across the country.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that Delucca “Lucca” Rolle, a student at J.P. Taravella High School, wouldn’t face any charge just hours after they met him and one of his attorneys, Sue-Ann Robinson. The Broward Sheriff’s Office had accused Rolle of aggravated assault against an officer, but the charge made “no sense,” Robinson said. And that was underscored by “what we can all see from the video,” she said.

Sheriff’s deputies were recorded pepper-spraying, tackling and punching teens last week outside a Tamarac McDonald’s near the school. The cellphone video shows deputies take Rolle down, with one deputy banging Rolle’s forehead into the pavement and repeatedly punching him in the head, while another deputy handcuffed him.

Rolle, one of two teens who were arrested, suffered a broken nose in the encounter, Robinson said.

Tony has vowed accountability in the Tamarac case. “It may take some time, but we will be transparent,” he said last week. “And if folks need to be held accountable, it shall be done.”

The hashtag #JusticeForLucca has been trending on Twitter. A peaceful rally is planned for Saturday afternoon at Hampton Pines Park in North Lauderdale, with attendees encouraged to wear red. Rolle was wearing a red shirt on the day of his arrest. On Monday, the first day back to school after the incident, protesting students also wore red to school.

Robinson, who is Crump’s partner, said her firm will “absolutely” pursue a civil lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Office.

“If we can’t appeal to their humanity to be held accountable, then there’s other ways,” she said.

Rolle “is traumatized because that’s a lot to go through and … you don’t expect someone to unleash that level of violence on you for no reason. And he’s a kid. He’s a ninth-grader. He’s 15. I think he’s still going through the shock of it and dealing with his injuries.”

She said police called his mother to get permission to treat him for the pepper spray, but didn’t attend to his nose. He went to the hospital on his own.

“The level of force based on the circumstances is unjustifiable. His head is being slammed into the concrete. It’s very tough to watch. The officers have to be held accountable.”

Staff writer Juan Ortega contributed to this report., 954-572-2008 or Twitter @LisaHuriash