CNN reporter covering Trump in West Palm Beach stomps lizard on live TV

A slimy lizard in West Palm Beach apparently wasn’t too happy with the way CNN was covering the release of the Mueller Report — and no, that isn’t a commentary on the president.

CNN White House Correspondent Abby D. Phillip was reporting from near Mar-a-Lago on Thursday night when she suddenly started squirming and kicking at the ground as a panelist in another box tried to make a point.

“Hold on, Abby … what was that,” host Chris Cuomo asked.

“That was a lizard climbing on me,” Phillip responded with a laugh.

We’ll leave the analysis of that to another space. As for Phillip, she shared a clip of the lizard incident on her Twitter page Friday morning, commenting: “Literally my nightmare just happened on live tv, nbd.” (NBD meaning “no big deal.”)

Her final word on the TV clip is one we South Floridians should remember anytime something goes wrong in our swampy environs.

“At least it wasn’t an alligator.”

David Selig is Senior Digital Editor at the Sun Sentinel. Contact him at