Wayne Messam presidential campaign staffs up with women and alumni from Gillum and Obama

The team working on Wayne Messam’s presidential campaign is mostly women, and includes people who have worked on campaigns for Andrew Gillum and Barack Obama.

The Miramar mayor, who is little known outside South Florida, announced his presidential candidacy on March 28, and had a kickoff rally on March 30.

Messam is one of 18 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination, and more are likely to run.

His staff currently numbers about 20, mostly women. Of the eight senior staffers, five are women.

Appealing to female voters is critical for Democratic candidates. The Pew Research Center reported last year that 56% of female registered voters lean toward the Democratic Party. Among men, 44% lean Democratic.

Messam’s chief strategist and his senior finance adviser were both involved with Gillum, the unsuccessful 2018 nominee for governor.

Messam was one of the first elected officials in South Florida to endorse Gillum, when many others were supporting other candidates for the nomination, and campaigned with Gillum from the beginning until the end of the campaign.

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