Get ready for earlier school start dates in Palm Beach and Broward

School start dates in Palm Beach and Broward counties are creeping earlier and earlier into August, cutting into the summer plans of some exasperated South Florida families.

Palm Beach County schools’ proposed calendars, set to be approved by the School Board on April 17, show an Aug. 10 start date in 2020 and 2021. Those dates, the earliest allowed by state law, are in the second week of the month; school started in the third week of August in the current year and the previous year.

In Broward, school will start on Aug. 14, similar to its Aug. 15 opening in 2018. But those dates are about a week earlier than the previous openings of Aug. 22, 2016, and Aug. 21, 2017.

What’s going on? In Broward, school officials sought a mid-week opening, a Wednesday, in contrast to previous opening days on Mondays, said Eric Chisem, calendar committee chair.