After 41 years, lifeguard retiring from water rescues but not from fitness

If you were winding down a 41-year career, you might be tempted to take it easy on one of the last days at work.

Not so for Dania Beach Ocean Rescue lifeguard Peter Fornier. He spent Tuesday morning walking about 15 feet underwater in the Atlantic Ocean, carrying a 50 pound concrete sphere while holding his breath.

It was just another day of training for Fornier who started working rescue on the beach in 1977. That was a long time ago: Jimmy Carter was in the White House and gasoline in the U.S. averaged $.62 per gallon.

Lifeguarding is not a profession known for longevity. Injuries and the dreaded re-certification tests take their tolls as veteran lifeguards move on or age out of taxing ocean rescues.

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