Defendants are handcuffed and chairs are rearranged in jail after assault on attorney

Dozens of Broward County Main Jail inmates had their hands cuffed behind their backs as they awaited their first court appearances Thursday morning. It was part of the increased security measures prompted by Wednesday’s attack on an attorney.

The man responsible for the heightened security was the first to appear before Judge Jackie Powell on Thursday.

A shackled William Green, 27, was charged with battery after punching Public Defender Julie Chase, knocking her to the floor, court records show.

Public Defender Adam Goldberg stood beside Green at his Thursday court appearance but said he would not be representing Green.

“I believe he would qualify for our [legal] services, however, based on what occurred [Wednesday] we have a conflict in our representation of Mr. Green,” he said. “So, at this time we’d be seeking to withdraw and I’d ask the court to appoint conflict-free counsel.”

Judge Powell said another judge would have to appoint a new lawyer for Green.

Goldberg said he could not respond to the judge’s decision regarding Green.

“We can’t represent him at today’s proceedings,” he said. “We have a conflict. I can’t represent him today.”

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