Dozens of families hit by ID theft ring that targeted their mail, cops say

More than 35 families in the same Miramar neighborhood recently discovered they were victims of identity theft and police are looking for at least three men they believe are running an ID theft ring.

It came to light when some residents of the Monarch Lakes community received messages from Capital One to verify requests for new credit cards that the residents never made, investigators said.

Surveillance video from one of the neighborhood homes showed a car stopping in front of the house, someone getting out of the passenger side and rummaging through the curbside mailbox, and then the person gets back in the car before it drives away slowly.

The suspects appeared to sign up for the U.S. Postal Services’ free Informed Delivery Program, online, to track what mail was going to which home daily so they could steal credit card bills, solicitations, and other mail with personal information, investigators said.

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