Rapist offered to do yardwork to make it up to victim

After raping his neighbor at knifepoint, Timothy Adam Walding suggested he could make it up to her by doing some landscaping or repairs around her West Boynton house.

But after the assailant finally walked back to his house, the 35-year-old mother of two children called 911.

In a Palm Beach County courtroom Monday, the victim described how the attack on Oct. 6, 2017, was traumatic and changed her life forever.

Circuit Judge Daliah Weiss then made sure Walding, who has not apologized, will be locked up until almost his 70th birthday, for his convictions on three charges.

When the case went to trial last October, Walding told the jury that it was a consensual encounter, according to defense attorney Adam Farkas.

But the woman testified that Walding, then 18 and wearing a mask, broke into her home through the front door about 4 a.m. and suddenly appeared in her master bedroom.

Over the next 90 minutes, she said she was tied up and threatened with a knife as Walding raped her on the bed and also forced her to perform a sex act. After it was over, he let her get dressed and they talked until he removed his mask and confirmed his identity, she told detectives.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel is not naming the woman, due to the nature of the crime.