Appeals court rejects state’s request, refuses to block Everglades oil drilling plan

A plan to drill for oil in the Everglades again won a major legal victory Tuesday, one day after a false alarm in which an appeals court issued an ordering affirming the proposal and then withdrew it as “issued in error.”

The First District Court of Appeal announced that its decision in favor of Kanter Real Estate’s drilling plan would stand, despite a request by the state of Florida, Broward County and the city of Miramar to rehear the case.

The order will almost certainly not be the end of the fight over a project that has generated intense opposition in Broward County and received worldwide attention as threat to South Florida’s famous wilderness.

Kanter, which owns about 20,000 acres in the Everglades, plans to drill an exploratory well about six miles west of Miramar. Although the Florida Department of Environmental Protection refused to issue a permit, the company challenged the denial and won a series of court victories.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried issued a statement denouncing the decision.

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