As he prepares presidential run, Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam visits Middle East

Wayne Messam won big on Tuesday, capturing 86 percent of the vote to win a second term as mayor of Miramar. Now, he’s headed for something much bigger: the Promised Land.

Messam leaves Saturday on a trip to the Middle East.

The trip comes the same week that Messam announced something much bigger than serving as mayor of Florida’s 13th largest city. The day after his re-election win, he formed an exploratory committee as a prelude to running for president of the United States.

He expects to announce a decision by the end of March.

Candidates for high office, such as president, U.S. Senate and governor, often cite their visits to Israel — a place Messam hasn’t visted before — during their campaign speeches. They don’t typically emphasize discussions with Palestinian leaders.

Messam will meet with experts and officials with divergent views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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