It was the New River bridge almost no one wanted. And now it won’t be built.

Sometimes, common sense prevails.

Plans to build a controversial $25 million pedestrian bridge over the New River are dead.

State transportation officials killed the project Wednesday, more than two years after coming up with the plan. In the end, too many people were opposed, from residents to business leaders to officials at Fort Lauderdale City Hall.

The bridge would have been built near the spot where the U.S. 1 tunnel burrows under the river in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It would have stood 80 feet high, with elevators and stairs on either side to bring pedestrians to the walkway eight stories above the river. And it would have cost $9 million a year to maintain.

Fort Lauderdale resident Ronald Castille referred to the bridge as a “total monstrosity” that would have amounted to “another dumb governmental waste of money by the state and local politicians.”

Heavy hitters from the marine industry also voiced strong opposition to the bridge.

They pointed out that pedestrians have access to bridges at Third Avenue and Andrews Avenue as well as the U.S. 1 tunnel.

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