A ban on bans of plastic straws? Not so fast, Florida Senate says

TALLAHASSEE — What started out as an effort to prevent local governments from regulating the distribution of plastic straws morphed Monday into a push for a study on the issue, lumped in with an attempt to prohibit cities and counties from banning certain sunscreens.

Sen. Travis Hutson, the bill’s sponsor, told the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee he wanted a pause on straws.

“I realized that I was putting my own thoughts into this and going a little over too far,” Hutson, R-Palm Coast, said. “So I think we should do a study … to see what the actual effect on the environment is with the use of these plastic straws.”

The bill, approved by a 3-1 vote Monday, would impose a 5-year moratorium that would keep local governments from enforcing regulations on plastic straws until a study on the impact of a plastic straw ban is completed.

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