Disorder in the court: Unhappy defendant tosses podium | Video

The judge kept her composure. The defendant? Not so much.

A routine first-appearance court hearing Thursday turned into something else when a Deerfield Beach man angrily toppled the podium in front of him — apparently unhappy about the bonds that were set by Broward Judge Jackie Powell.

On courtroom video, Bradley Quimbley, 32, his handcuffed wrists resting on the wooden podium in front of him, could be seen reacting to the judge’s decisions by grimacing and speaking. His words couldn’t be heard because Powell’s microphone was on and his was off.

Suddenly, Quimbley is seen spreading the palms of restrained hands, slapping the podium and then slamming it to his left where it flies to the floor. One courtroom bailiff grabs his upper torso and another joins him as Quimbley is dragged between a row of startled defendants before he falls to the ground and is further dragged out of camera range.

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