Prosecutors blast fired cop as ‘reckless killer’ as his criminal trial begins

Prosecutors blasted former police officer Nouman Raja as a “reckless killer” and liar at the start of his much-anticipated trial Tuesday in the shooting death of stranded motorist Corey Jones along an Interstate 95 off-ramp.

“Instead of being Corey Jones’ saving grace, he was his angel of death,” Assistant State Attorney Brian Fernandes told the Palm Beach County jury. “He made a decision to shoot first and ask questions later … disgracing the badge that men and women wear.”

But the defense said dangerous police work shouldn’t be “second-guessed” in a situation where Raja clearly acted in self-defense during the stressful encounter at 3:15 a.m. Oct. 18, 2015, in Palm Beach Gardens.

“Mr. Raja was lawfully and justifiably defending himself after Mr. Jones pointed a loaded handgun,” attorney Scott Richardson said. “He had every right to defend himself.”