Make SunPass work with other states’ toll systems | Editorial

With a simple app on your cellphone, you can summon a car and driver almost everywhere in the United States. Before long, the car might even come by itself.

But you still can’t use that cellphone, or any other single device, to pass through highway toll booths across the country, despite the October 2016 deadline Congress gave the states to make their electronic toll systems “interoperable.” Swiftly flow the years.

The goal of “interoperability,” in plain English, means your Florida SunPass transponder, which finally works in Georgia and North Carolina, should also get you through toll booths in the 17-state E-ZPass system that covers most of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions, and anywhere else where tolls are logged electronically.

But it doesn’t and there’s no telling when, or even whether, it will.