In this church it’s not just the preacher wearing a fancy collar

These dogs are on their best behavior when they’re in the house of God. The pooches calmly sit in pews, seldom raising a fuss.

“We sometimes have 10 to 12 dogs at a time,” says Father Albert Cutie, the rector at the Saint Benedict’s Episcopal Church in Plantation. “You never really hear them much — unless they encounter each other after Communion and then they begin to bark at each other. But everybody expects that.”

Saint Benedict’s Episcopal Church, whose motto is “all are welcome,” began offering the dog-friendly service about 10 years ago, and it has been a popular offering ever since. The service, held at 6 p.m. each Saturday, can benefit owners who’d rather not leave their pets all alone at home while they’re at church.

“Can you really pray and leave a loved one behind?” Cutie asked.