The electric scooter rage: Which ones are the best to rent?

You’ve surely heard about the electric scooters you can rent in Fort Lauderdale. Maybe they sound like a fun way to get to your next meeting, join friends at a coffee shop, or see the beach.

Now what?

You have to make some choices, starting with whose scooter you rent. Four businesses rent the scooters now, and two more might be on the way.

Fort Lauderdale’s e-scooter program has provoked considerable debate since it began in November, with fans calling the scooters fun and efficient and critics decrying them as dangerous. If want to get in on the trend anyway, here’s how you do it.

Scooter companies say safety is a matter of raising awareness of the scooters on the street and educating consumers about the rules.

Under Fort Lauderdale’s ordinance, scooter riders are asked to always yield to pedestrians, obey traffic laws, leave 4 feet clear on the sidewalk when parking and never to drink and drive. But scooter companies say it’s challenging to get everyone to behave.

“Our mindset is pedestrians should always have the right of way. Because it’s such a new technology, there’s a little bit of a learning curve,” says Villas-Boas of Bolt.

For more information

Gotcha: or 909-351-3656 (call or text)

Lime: or 888-546-3345 (call or text)

Bolt: or 305-290-2658

Bird: or 866-205-2442

Company apps can be downloaded on mobile phones via Apple’s iTunes or Google Play.

Staff Writer Brittany Wallman contributed to this report. or 561-243-6650, twitter: @marciabiz

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