By Carma Henry

By Nichole Richards

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — At the start of the new year, Broward County will be losing one of its best representations of Black excellence. After nearly 24 years, Judge Ilona M. Holmes will be retiring from Broward’s Circuit Court in January 2019. She will be replaced by Stephanie Camille Moon, a former state and federal prosecutor, and one of the eleven Black judges slated to begin their judicial career next year. It is quite an achievement for Broward’s Black community, making Judge Holmes’ departure bittersweet.

“I feel that I have accomplished what I wanted to do,” Judge Holmes said, “My focus was to get more people like us to serve. Our representation as judges should mirror our demographics in the county. It’s only right.”

On November 30th, Judge Holmes’s last day on the bench, her courtroom received visitor after visitor, stopping by to wish her well and to express their appreciation for her and the various roles she has played in their lives, both professionally and personally. She beamed and glowed. It is obvious Judge Holmes is beloved.

Hailing from North Philadelphia, an undeniably tough environment, Judge Holmes was enamored by law at a young age and always …read more

Source:: The Westside Gazette