By Carma Henry

As I sit down to type this edition of On The Scene, my friend and mentor, Michael Stephens, CEO of Topp Cuttaz, a barbershop, salon and spa franchise consisting of three Miami locations texts. “When are you going to slow down?” Truth be told, ideas of slowing down, taking it easy, and putting yourself first is a constant desire and conversation amongst solo practitioners, small business owners and influencers. While the demand to be everywhere and do everything is ever present, achieving work – life – balance should be our priority. To illustrate this point further, in a article, “Alex Chaidaroglou, CEO and cofounder of Altosight LTD, said, ‘We are doing a dis-service to our clients, team and product if we burn out.’ And Sid Bharath of Thinkific shared, “We don’t realize that the more we work, the higher the chances of us running out of creative ideas and burning out.” And for these reasons alone, I have starting detoxing, working out and making time to enjoy my own company and thoughts.
BECAUSE MY DIET MATTERS: I am the busy entrepreneur that typically eats out daily, grabs meals between stops and orders UberEats for dinner. I thought I was making …read more

Source:: The Westside Gazette