By Carma Henry

Now Playing out in Figi

By Gregg Reese, OW Contributor

Cole credits her local up-bringing as preparation for her life successes and suitability for this challenge on in the Mamanuca Islands (Monuriki, the site where they filmed, is the same beach where the 2000 Tom Hanks epic “Cast Away” takes place) in deepest, darkest Fiji.

“Being from South Central LA, one cannot move through the area effectively, safely without having a keen sense of self-awareness and surroundings. How will those skills apply while out on the island…I was definitely curious.”

A significant handicap was the fact that, at 57, she was twice as old as some of her competitors.

Armed with intestinal fortitude and bona fide street credentials, she endured an eight-hour flight into the South Pacific. Upon her arrival, the city girl embraced the pratfalls of life without hot water or modern toiletry (contestants utilized native foliage as sanctuary from the ubiquitous cameras, or simply used the sea as a hygienic refuge).

The physical ordeal of this outpost from civilization was equaled by the mental stress of dealing in an unfamiliar environment. Mother nature add-ed another hardship in the way of a cyclone on top of the torrential rains common to the area.

A strong constitution

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Source:: The Westside Gazette