– Main Library Bienes Museum Ceremonial Room The Century of Immigration Film and Discussion Series led by Florida Atlantic University Professor Stephen Engle¬∑Films: New York: A Documentary Film: Episode 4, The Power and the People, by Ric BurnsEpisode 4 of this acclaimed series examines the great wave of immigration that began in the late 19th century, tripled New York’s population and transformed the city and the nation. On camera, renowned historians like David McCullough and writers like Pete Hamill describe the new tide of humanity from southern and eastern Europe – Italians, Poles, Turks, Hungarians, Ukrainians, Greeks – their reasons for migrating, their passage through Ellis Island, their life in the Lower East Side, and their role in transforming America into an industrial nation.¬∑The Jewish Americans: Episode 2, A World of Their Own, by David GrubinThis segment from the award-winning series explores in depth the story of one of the groups that made up the great wave of immigration described in Unit One. Fleeing poverty and oppression in Eastern Europe, over two million Jews flooded into America, drawn by the promise of religious freedom and economic opportunity. Many migrated across the U.S., but the majority created a new life in …read more

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