By Carma Henry

James Washington says that, all of the mess that he’s going through or someone is trying to put him through, is just another opportunity to run home and get his Big Brother J.C.

Spiritually Speaking

The Fight Is Fixed. You Won.

By James Washington, (The Dallas Weekly/NNPA Member)

Some of you may remember that I declared this some time ago and it bears repeating. I wish it was original, but it is not. It comes straight from the pulpit and not from me. Circumstances in my life and maybe yours have me drifting from time to time. I don’t believe any Christian should indulge in wishy-washy thinking about their own salvation. Whatever you’re going through, however insurmountable the odds appear to be, if the deck is stacked against you in your eyes, remember, “This fight is fixed.”

All the evil that comes at you in this world is intended to confuse you into defeatist thinking. Then in a state of confusion, you act (negatively, I might add) as if somehow you’re in charge. If only you were more in control, had more money, or more willpower, then maybe you could change things, change jobs, change mates, change the past, alter the future or erase your …read more

Source:: The Westside Gazette