By wlchrist



As we all struggle to cope with the tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School last month, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) students, faculty and staff have mobilized to aid in the community’s comfort and support in multiple ways. Some of the actions taken include:

Mental Health Counseling

  • NSU’s College of Psychology conducted immediate and ongoing debriefing sessions with first responders who were on scene.
    • Experts in crisis response and school violence assisted Broward County Schools in planning its response to all who were affected.
    • Faculty, alumni and advanced doctoral students provided direct services to children, an MSD athletic team, parents, and school personnel countywide.
      • Several faculty members and students were among the first on the scene, providing on-site emergency crisis counseling.
    • NSU Psychology Services Center is providing free services for those affected by this tragedy and is deploying trained faculty and advanced doctoral students as needed to schools and community organizations.
    • The College has nationally recognized faculty in psychology and counseling who are trauma trained experts, including the psychologist who responded to the Columbine High School tragedy as well as other …read more

      Source:: NSU News