By Carma Henry

Patricia Thomas

Patricia Thomas

African American Executive Coach seeks aspiring business owners for a start-up survey

( — Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Women and minority business owners are the fastest growing business segment and together represent 17.9 million businesses in the United States. These firms make an impact on their communities by hiring local talent and encouraging support of local establishments.

According to the Small Business Administration in its most recent five year study released in December of 2015, minority-owned firms grew by 38.1% in the U.S. Given this level of growth, there is plenty of opportunity available for people who want to transform their skills and passions into a money making endeavor.

With so many businesses being formed, you may wonder how they got the knowledge and information they needed to achieve their dreams; what are their secrets; who guided them through the process?

Patricia Thomas, an experienced business coach, is looking to connect with aspiring business owners to guide them through the beginning stages of starting a business.

If you’re interested in finding the support you need to turn your ideas into action, please complete the following survey to share your insights about the best way …read more

Source:: The Westside Gazette