By Carma Henry

Gary's Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson lobbies for New Amazon Headquarters

Gary’s Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson lobbies for New Amazon Headquarters

Will Gary, Ind. have a shot at Amazon HQ2?

By Erick Johnson (Chicago Crusader/NNPA Member)

It could be the greatest come-back in the history of any American city.

Gary, Indiana, a predominately Black city, that has struggled with business closures, soaring unemployment, poverty, foreclosures and depressed property values for decades, could be seeing a dramatic turnaround so stunning that it would be an urban miracle. All it would take is for one hungry, high-profile corporation seeking to expand with few limitations and an economically-starved city coming together to hammer out a business deal that would transform both entities forever.

Gary is willing, but does Amazon Inc., one of the largest retailers in the world, believe that the underdog city can truly be the “Magic City” once again?

Amazon Inc., a Seattle-based, mult-billion dollar retailer, set off a bidding war on Sept. 7, 2017 with plans to build “HQ2,” a $5 billion facility that would be so big, that it would employ 50,000 employees, with many positions paying, on average, $100,000 annually.

The employee estimate is 65 percent of Gary’s population of 76,424. It could wipe out the city’s high unemployment and trigger an unprecedented economic boom in Gary’s …read more

Source:: The Westside Gazette