By Carma Henry


Helping hands are generators powered by love

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr., Publisher of the Westside Gazette Newspaper

On last Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, 25 homeowners who were victims of hurricane Irma including seniors and single heads of households with children, received gas generators donated by Chris Bennett Enterprises Charities, a Seattle, Washington based nonprofit organization.

As the generators arrived on the afternoon before, only the FedEx driver John Diaz was there to unload them.

John was obviously tired, sweating profusely he unloaded 15 generators by himself.

genaratorsAfter a brief conversation and a bottle of cold water I was able to restore his faith and energy when I explained to him who the generators were for.

With a heavy Hispanic accent John said “Oh, my friend no problem I work hard.”

bROTHER-wARD-AND-vERN-CARRIAs John rested two other helpers came, John Boldon and Vern Dooling.

Not asking any questions they both dove into the project.

John Boldon’s comment when asked what made him help was, “my experience tells me just to be a loyal and commendable servant in the kingdom of God. That is my secret to success.”

Paul-and-Rev-hopkins-carry-As they unloaded the remaining generators their …read more

Source:: The Westside Gazette