By Carma Henry

Jerry Jones' kneeling before the anthem had nothing to do with athletes' concerns.

Jerry Jones’ kneeling before the anthem had nothing to do with athletes’ concerns.

Enough with the propaganda; Black NFL players’ beef is with racial inequality, not the flag

By Donald Lee

First, let me start off this column by saying that I’d been a Dallas Cowboys fan since my days as an embryo. When my dad, a huge Cowboys fan, passed in ’08, my family gave him a Dallas Cowboys-themed funeral.

These statements are included because what I say from this point on may make me appear to be a Cowboys hater.

All of that having been said, I am one of many Black NFL fans (or former fans) boycotting the NFL because of what we perceive to be a racist stand it has taken against its Black players, fans, the Black players’ and fans’ stance against racial injustice, and the league’s very apparent decision to Blackball quarterback Colin Kaepernick.


Kaepernick, also known as “Kaep” or “Kap,” started the movement for racial equality when he took a knee during the national anthem last year as a way of protesting police brutality against Black Americans and other people of color, and the other forms of racial inequality.

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Source:: The Westside Gazette