By Carma Henry


Dear Friends,

Upsets don’t just happen.

If you look at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s recent primary loss upset, there were a lot of factors that came together, ranging from Cantor’s detachment and focus on Washington politics to the Tea Party’s use of Cantor’s prominence as a symbol for the very thing they were asking voters to reject.

In 2012, the same thing happened to former Congressman Allen West. Then candidate Patrick Murphy, despite being outspent four-to-one, masterfully defeated West by running a perfect campaign that contrasted his balanced views and down-to-earth demeanor against West’s outrageous bomb-throwing rhetoric.

Both of these incumbents lost because they didn’t truly know their district, spend time with the people they were supposed to be representing, and were too focused on themselves and not the issues that mattered to their constituents.

I am focused on serving my community and making sure that they and all Americans have the opportunities necessary to succeed and provide for their families. My office isn’t rooted in DC; it’s rooted in the Florida communities I have been privileged to serve over the years. I know so many of you because we’ve met, not in DC, but in the churches, synagogues, local businesses, …read more

Source: The Westside Gazette