In an instant, a carefree day at Funderdome came to a crashing end for a South Florida boy.

Surveillance video from March 21 shows a 13-year-old boy tumbling from the rock-climbing wall at the Fort Lauderdale indoor playground. He broke his leg and arm in the fall and is recovering from surgery.

Attorney Ariel Saban told Local 10 there is an extreme “lack of supervision.”

Saban was hired by the teen’s family to investigate how the fall happened.

“Children are able to climb up on a wall, possibly falling down 10-25 feet and, even afterwards, not being properly treated,” Saban said.

Saban said the video shows his client being secured to the safety harness by a Funderdome employee. That worker then walks away after the teen begins to climb. Moments later, the boy falls several feet to the mat below.

The boy lands awkwardly, writhing in pain as stunned Funderdone employees look on.

Emergency crews arrived to stabilize the teen and take him to the hospital for surgery.

Funderdome general manager Michael Palmer said his team of attorneys is investigating. Palmer said his “thoughts and prayers are with the boy and his family after this tragic accident.”

Saban said the teen’s parents, who wish to remain anonymous, aren’t looking …read more

Source: WPLG Local News