By Patton Dodd

What we can learn when our kids point out our faults. A Small Talk guest post by Patton Dodd.

With three weeks left in our Small Talk series, I am delighted to welcome Patton Dodd, editor of OnFaith, to share his thoughts on what he has learned through his children:

One morning early this fall, my 11-year old daughter and I started listing the things we like least about each other. I cannot recall how we got to that place in the conversation, but when you’re talking to Isabel, conversations can go weird places. So, for whatever reason, we were talking and one of us came upon the notion that it would be a fine time to list the key annoyances in our relationship, from our respective points of view.

After some No, you go volleying, I went first: “You talk way too fast.” She really does, and the factthatshetotallygetsitfromme does not make it any less annoying. Isabel can turn your average 25-word comment into a couple blurry syllables.

“You already tell me that all the time,” she said.

“Fine,” I said. “You next. What annoys you about me?”

“Well,” she began, great relish in her voice, “the FIRST THING is: You always …read more

Source:: Christianity Today