By Amy Julia Becker

Looking back on a year in news and culture from Let it Go to Ferguson to Prenatal Testing

The cool thing about blogging is that you get to cover a whole host of topics over the course of a year. Pop culture, sex, and race tend to fly to the top of the charts, so I’ve picked ten posts from the past year that represent the most popular as well as the breadth of topics this blog tries to cover. Faith, family, disability and a whole lot more:

Have Christians Made an Idol of Life?

Ezekiel Emanuel says he wants to die at 75. Why we can support his reasoning.

“It’s a somber reminder that we don’t live forever, and for Christians to accept the physical limitations that come with these bodies demonstrates a humble response to our creatureliness. How many of us instead look to our culture as a guide when it comes to aging? How many of us hope that we can avoid death altogether?”

What I Learn From My Kids in Talking About Disability

Instead of framing those disabilities as weaknesses deserving pity or as frightening or negative differences, we talked about them in terms of our common humanity.

“As …read more

Source:: Christianity Today