By Alissa Wilkinson

We talked about God a lot this year in pop culture, but not the same way.

See the introduction to this series on religious themes pop culture explored in 2014, and the posts on memory and justice and on evil.

Any series on pop culture getting religion is going to have to think, at some point, about the supernatural, and especially God. This is appropriate in thinking of 2014, a year in which we were given to telling stories about the supernatural, from films explicitly aimed at faith audiences to movies and shows made by non-believers that nonetheless told stories of the miraculous.

Early this year, at The AV Club, Todd VanDerWerff explored how dark TV dramas like Fargo, The Americans, and Hannibal were interested in God, who was “is either a cause, an absentee landlord, or a writer, but he’s very much in the details. His presence—or the lack thereof—is something all three series wrestle with and in ways that are more complex than TV’s usual ‘skeptic/believer’ dynamic.” (I followed this up by looking at the Amazon Original pilot Hand of God.) And the question of the supernatural is raised, and unanswered, on other shows, most notably …read more

Source:: Christianity Today