By Ed Stetzer

Which church planting model is right for you? Is it the Traditional Model?

In the introduction to this series, I listed the five primary models of church planting and outlined some considerations for church planters deciding between them.

The challenge is that too many church planters fall in love with a model of church planting before falling in love with the people being reached. They end up disregarding some tools that might fit their context.

In this post I want to provide some basic information regarding the traditional model and what reasons might compel someone to plant a church in this way.

Prior to the mid 1990’s, before the church-planting boom, before church-planting became mainstream, there were unsung planters like Larry Lewis, author of Church Planter‘s Handbook, who simply embraced the mantra, “Go and tell.”

In other words, they had a call to fulfill Great Commission (Matt 28:18–20; Acts 1:8). As a result, they would move to an area with an evangelistic passion to share the gospel with as many as they could. Over time, converts were made who then became the foundational base of the church.

That church would start worship when they had four faith families (that was Larry’s stated plan), then would start …read more

Source:: Christianity Today