By Alissa Wilkinson

Our exclusive interview with the star and director of the hotly-anticipated Sundance feature.

“I cringe a little bit when I think ‘Bible movie,'” says Rodrigo Garcia, with a smile.

The writer/director is talking about Last Days in the Desert, his new film premiering at Sundance next week, which stars Ewan McGregor as Jesus and Satan. Garcia isn’t against Biblical epics, but that isn’t what he’s made—no eye-popping effects, no epic battles, no lines lifted from Bible passages. Instead, Last Days is a character-driven meditation on family and mortality, haunting and spare.

On a cold December weekend in New York City, I’m meeting Garcia over breakfast and coffee to talk about how you make a movie about fathers and sons in which the main character also happens to be the most famous son of all time: Yeshua, as the film calls him.

“I wrote a few pages in which I called him Jesus,” Garcia explains. “But when you’re writing a screenplay and it says ‘Jesus walks, Jesus says,’ after a while, the weight of the name is paralyzing.”

As Garcia reminds me, in his native Spanish, Jesus is a common name. “But in English, it has big connotations”—nobody in the English-speaking world names their kid Jesus. …read more

Source:: Christianity Today