By Kelly Rosati

Kelly Rosati, Vice President at Focus on the Family, writes about our callousness to the life and death of the preborn.

[NOTE: Since I wrote this piece last week, a third Planned Parenthood video has been released. It is even more grotesque than its predecessors, if that’s possible.]

“Modern ultrasound technology produces a more-detailed image of an unborn baby’s features,” reads the photo caption in the July 17 Wall Street Journal story. The article explores whether too many ultrasound scans during pregnancy could be unhealthy for unborn children, noting that experts have begun advising women that frequent scans for low-risk pregnancies aren’t medically justified. “Routine scans do not seem to be associated with reductions in adverse outcomes for babies,” notes one study.

Where has our logic gone?

How can we have reasonable and compassionate concern for healthy “outcomes” for babies in the womb while at the same time, news of the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood continues to unfold?

How can beautiful in utero pictures fill the baby books and social media pages of parents across the nation at the same time preborn children are coolly destroyed—and the possible sale of their parts is negotiated over lunch?

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Source:: Christianity Today