The Wise Way to Use ‘Smart’ Tools During a Pandemic

Artificial intelligence can be helpful in fighting COVID-19. But there are ethical worries that cry out for Christian reflection. We live in a “smart-everything” world. We have artificial intelligence (AI) at our fingertips for nearly every part of our day. From AI-based wearable technology to phones, tablets, computers, and even appliances, nearly every aspect of our lives is being tracked, recorded, and processed by some form of algorithmic technology. And there are incredible... Read More

Re-centering the Conversation

Observing White Fragility as a minority and as a missiologist. As a theologically conservative Asian-American, I must admit that reading White Fragility felt a little like listening to someone else’s family meeting. This should not be surprising since Robin DiAngelo is clear that her intended audience is white progressives like herself. One of the first-round reviewers, Allison Ash, points this out in her article, but also believes DiAngelo’s book can apply to white conservatives... Read More

True Worship Means Real Justice

Where in America can we see proof of righteousness and justice for disadvantaged racialized people? My Jim Crow parents used time-honored African storytelling to pass on their meaningful lessons and history to me. Growing up on land owned by white sharecroppers, my mother and father picked cotton in Mississippi and Tennessee from the age of three. While in elementary school, my father told me about a white store owner who attempted to cut off his right hand when he was nine because the store... Read More

Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey

Here are a few lines to pray before swiping left or right. When single folks like me—who on many days would prefer to be partnered—talk to God, our prayer life can sometimes sound a bit demanding. When we’re feeling frustrated that dating apps are drying up or that the pandemic isn’t helping our marital prospects, we can get a little bossy with the Almighty. But just as the Bible’s prayer book, the Psalms, includes a variety of prayers for different... Read More

Hurricane evacuees from South Florida would spread COVID-19 cases by the thousands, new study finds

The study, conducted by scientists with the Union of Concerned Scientists and Columbia University, examines how four South Florida counties that are hotspots for coronavirus — Miami Dade, Palm Beach, Monroe and Broward — would influence the spread of COVID-19 should a Category 3 hurricane hit the area and force some residents to flee to safer regions. ... Read More

Donald Trump, a critic of mail voting, is getting a mail ballot for next week’s Florida primary — but isn’t voting by mail

When President Donald Trump got mad at New York last year, he declared that his Mar-a-Lago Club in his Palm Beach was his legal residence. On Wednesday, a representative picked up a mail ballot for him to use in Tuesday’s Florida primary. But he isn’t using the mail. (Lynne Sladky/AP) ... Read More

White Fragility: All Truth Matters

God can and will reveal His truth in unexpected places. While reading this article it would be important to refer to the first post in this series, which lists DiAngelo’s definitions, including: "Whiteness rests upon a foundational premise: the definition of whites as the norm or standard for human, and people of color as a deviation from that norm." (p.25) White supremacy: DiAngelo seeks to redefine the term white supremacy to show it refers not only to radicalized right... Read More

Negative review didn’t doom unemployment website vendor’s bid for a new $110 million Florida contract

“If I got a sense that, you know, nine out of 10 of their reviews were like that, then, yeah, that would sway things, but it just kind of felt like a messy breakup here,” Shaun French, a data processing manager for the Agency for Health Care Administration, is quoted as saying in the meeting transcript. ... Read More